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APIW Committees

APIW Committees are the core of the organization. Participation by the members is crucial to our success. Volunteers hone their leadership and project management skills and learn all aspects of team building.  Committee participation often leads to a position on the APIW Board, which enables our members to build their confidence and enhance their business acumen.

If you are interested in learning more about APIW Committees or want to join a committee, please contact the appropriate chairperson listed below.


The Chicago Network has nearly 80 members, holds three to five events per year including luncheon programs, members-only events, an annual holiday event and golf outing.  The committee needs volunteers to help with programs, registration at events; forming liaisons with Chicago-based organizations including the CPCU, RIMS or other industry organizations; and assisting in updating the Chicago Network database.

Debbie Babcock –  (312) 438-3368 –

The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing strategies and implementing programs that will broaden awareness of APIW, its activities and its members. Committee members act as liaison to other committees to market events and programs. In addition, they produce and draft articles for the APIW Insider newsletter, and provide content for the APIW website, corporate sponsorship and membership packets.  Moreover, they generate external communications such as press releases and luncheon agendas, as well as work with the insurance trade press.

Co-Chairs: Lucy Mendieta-  (212) 884-9742 – & June Burke (914) 419-2381 –


This committee is responsible for recruiting new Corporate Sponsors and maintaining a close relationship with our current Corporate Sponsors. Corporate Sponsors provide APIW with financial resources to better achieve our mission and goals, enhance programs and member events, and further fund the APIW Scholars Program. They are also a conduit to a huge population in our business, and assist us with new members, luncheon speakers, and keep us connected to the ever changing needs of our diverse membership.

Chair: Pamela Gorajek –  (609) 243-4581


This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the Annual Golf Outing including selecting venues and coordinating prizes and sponsorships with companies.

Chair: Susan Barros  –   (973) 941-6024 –


The APIW Job Bank links reputable search firms and companies to APIW’s Website allowing direct contact between the firm and our APIW Members. The goal is to offer APIW Members a Job Bank Resource Center where industry employers and search firms can list positions for the attention of our members and help members advance their careers. Positions are also sent out via email to the membership.

Chair: Susan Barros – (973) 941-6024 –


This committee is responsible for recruiting new members, reviewing membership applications and presenting recommended candidates to the APIW Board for approval. Additionally, the committee chair is responsible for publicly recognizing members who have supported APIW for 10, 20 and 25 or more years annually at the APIW Business Meeting or holiday event.

Chair: Kathleen Lyons – (914) 828-8450  –

The Membership “Meet & Greet” Sub-Committee is responsible for working directly with the membership committee at APIW luncheons and events to welcome attendees as well as potential new members.

Chair: Kathleen Lyons –  (914) 828-8450 –


This committee is responsible for organizing and running APIW programs and special events. The committee selects topics and identifies speakers that reflect current issues and trends for monthly luncheon presentations. In addition, the committee reaches out to other organizations to put on joint programs to benefit both groups.

While overall responsibility for luncheon programs and events is the responsibility of the entire Board, we welcome ideas for programs, speakers and events.

Co-Chairs: Marina Gass – (212)500-7648 – & Kara Owens (804) 864-4174 – 


This committee is responsible for researching and tracking APIW past scholarship recipients and serves as the liaison to and coordinator of scholarships to recipients at St. John’s University School of Risk Management and The Katie School of Insurance.

Committee members are needed to assist in tracking APIW Scholars, recruiting scholars as APIW members when they meet requirements, and developing mentoring programs for the APIW Scholars for the period of time between receipt of the scholarship and qualification for APIW membership.

Chair: Carrie Kurzon, (212) 277-0800 –


This committee is responsible for maintaining the APIW website.  Information regarding upcoming events, organization activities and committee information can be found here.
Chair: Lucy Mendieta, (212) 884-9742


This committee reviews nominations for APIW’s prestigious Annual Woman of the Year Award. The committee is always chaired by APIW’s Immediate Past President. The committee consists of four other members who are usually past Women of the Year and past APIW Presidents.

While the Committee is not open to volunteers, nominations of Woman of the Year candidates are welcome from members and non-members alike.
Chair: Susan Zdroik, (212) 365-2169 –